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Procedures for SOEP



Students are eligible to earn high school credit through SOEP if they:

  • are enrolled in a public school in Utah, or
  • attend a private school or home school in Utah and have a custodial parent or guardian who is a resident of Utah.


Students may enroll in up to 6.0 credits of online courses per academic school year. Courses taken online reduce the number of courses taken at the student's Primary School of Enrollment, unless the student has a Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP) for early graduation, which will allow the student to exceed full-time enrollment (up to 7.5 credits per school year). 

Each academic year, a student is only funded for full time enrollment unless the student shifts funding between years using a plan for early graduation.  Grade replacement is not funded outside of full time enrollment generally.

Summer courses are scheduled and recorded in the first trimester of the upcoming school year. Unless the student has a plan for early graduation on file with their counselor, summer courses diminish credits that the student will be scheduled for through the remainder of the academic year (June 30-July 1).


Procedures: Student Enrollment to SOEP

Student and parent may want to complete the STUDENT AND PARENT ONLINE COURSE PLAN  to use as a guide in the process. Student and Parent Online Course Plan

Student and Parent Online Course Plan (PDF File)

Step 1: Make a CCR (College and Career Readiness) plan with a counselor to make sure these classes count towards graduation or that there is an early graduation plan in place.

Step 2: Visit the Utah State Board of Education's website Utah Statewide Online Education Program; review the FAQ Document for additional information

Step 3: Before choosing a course, students are advised to check the course Catalog of Providers on the SOEP website to ensure a provider offers a selected course. Providers may also list enrollment deadlines. Requests will be rejected if these are not filed soon enough to meet provider deadlines.

Step 4: Create an account and register for courses at https://  Uintah School District recommends that registration for SOEP courses takes place during spring registration for the following school year.


NOTE:  SOEP courses taken the second semester of a student’s senior year may prevent a student from participating in the graduation ceremony if their official credit from the provider has not been received by May 1st.  Furthermore, students will not receive their diploma and final transcript until official credit is received from their provider and posted to the student’s official Uintah High School transcript.  Students are responsible for checking with their individual provider.


A primary school district is guaranteed 72 business hours (roughly two weeks) to review the student’s course request. Counselors and providers are contacted automatically when a student submits a course request through SEATS.


Procedures: Counselor

 After a student has completed the SEATS application, student’s counselor and provider are notified via email.

Step 1: Counselor will meet with the student and parents to review graduation progress or early graduation plan.

Step 2: Counselor reviews request(s) and either denies or approves the request.

Step 3: Notify Aspire Administrator to create the requested SOEP Aspire teacher account and SOEP course(s).

Step 4: Counselor will schedule student(s) into the SOEP course in Aspire and follow the USD SOEP counselor checklist to ensure all procedures are completed.

            Step 5: Counselor will check up on students progress throughout the school year.

Step 6: Counselor will post student SOEP course credit on high school transcript only after an official credit notification has been received from provider.


Procedures: Provider

Step 1: Once the student’s requests is approved by the counselor the provider will contact the student by email to explain how the student can “log in” and begin to participate.

Step 2: Provider will send official student completion status, grade and credit to  counselor to place on transcript.


Procedures: Administration

Step 1: District Administration will forward initial email from SEATS to student’s  counselor.


Procedures:  Aspire Administrator

            Step 1: Create Aspire account and SOEP course once notified by counselor.

            Step 2:  Notify counselor by email once teacher and course are set up in Aspire.


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