VMS Staff Directory 2023/2024

Beasley Courtney ~ Intervention Aide

Bennion Heidi ~ Social Worker

Bender Claudia ~ Sweeper

Bergren Brittany ~ SPED Aide SC

Bowden Rusti ~ SPED Aide SC

Boyle Devin ~ History/DLI

Brokaw Sherry ~ Reading Intervention

Brown Tiffany ~ Food Service

Busch Ashley ~ CCA/FACS

Caldwell Ashley ~ Science

Capps Nancy ~ Foods

Cannon Dawn ~ SPED Aide

Case GayLynne ~ Attendance Intervention

Chandler Jennifer ~ Reading

Christensen Colter ~ Technology

Christensen Jennifer ~ Intervention Aide

Christianson Tanya ~ ELA

Colin Kosi ~ CCA/Digital Literacy

Coonis Kedric ~ Health

Cordova Rosa ~ Sweeper

Collotzi Necia ~ Art

Curtis Marsha ~ History

Dresser Katharine ~ Orchestra

Dunker Shanna ~ SPED

Ferris Sarah S~ PED Aide

Franklin Jo ~SPED Aide

Fulton Kristy ~ History

Glass Tamara ~ Intervention Aide

Gledhill Cassie ~vCounselor

Green Kira ~ Food Service

Hall Cortney ~ Registrar

Hall Suzanne ~ ELA

Hamberger Sabrina ~ Custodian

Hansen Angela ~ Science

Hawks Kimberly ~ History/ESL

Henderson Cheri ~ PE/Health

Jackson Lisa ~ Custodian

Jaques Delene ~ Science

Koons Elaine~ Band/Choir/ Orchestra

Lammert Celine ~ Kitchen

LeBeau Eliza ~ Counselor

McBride Bridgett ~ Media Specialist

McBride Michael ~ Science

McClure Misty SPED

McConkie Patrick ~ Head Custodian

Merrell Veronica ~ Math

Merrill Kylee ~ ELA

Mitchell Aspen ~ Math

Moon Kari ~ SPED

Moon Sara ~ Food Service Mgr.

Nay Christina ~ Math

Nelson Douglas ~ SPED Aide SC

Nelson Nicolette ~ SPED Aide SC

Nicoll Andrew (AJ) ~ Band/Choir

Olsen Aaron ~ Principal

Ososki Deborah ~Foods

Ottley Brian ~ CTE/Digital Literacy

Pipes Abigail ~ Reading

Putnam Kristy ~ Athletic Director

Redford Carrie

Rich Hannah ~ English

Rich Vicky ~ Attendance Secretary

Robbins Kassie ~ Math

Robinson Parker ~ PE

Rodriguez-Lopez Jorge ~ DLI

Ruppe Billi ~ Intervention Aide

Schwarz Brandie ~ Math

Slaugh Brandi ~ SPED Aide SC

Slaugh Shelly ~ Finance Secretary

Smith Megan ~ Nurse

Southam Heidi ~ Instructional Coach

Tollefson Kristin ~ ELA

Viar-Jolliff Christina ~ Assistant Principal

Whiting Jamie ~ SPED Aide

Williams Duana ~ Math

Willoughby Melanie ~ Foods Cashier

Wilson Emilee ~ SPED SC

Wilson Mathew ~ History

Winterholler Carla ~ESL

Wood ShaNae ~ SPED Aide

Wroblewski Katie ~ Science

Young Slade ~ Science


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No district employee or student shall be subjected to discrimination in employment or any district program or activity on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The district is committed to providing equal access and equal opportunity in its programs, services and employment including its policies, complaint processes, program accessibility, district facility use, accommodations and other Equal Employment Opportunity matters. The district also provides equal access to district facilities for all youth groups. The following persons have been designated as Title IX coordinators to handle inquires and complaints regarding unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation: Dr. Mistalyn Leis, Human Resources Director (435) 781-3100. You may also contact the Office for Civil Rights, Denver, CO, at (303) 844-5695.